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We take on corporate social responsibility and support the mental and physical development, education and vocational training, and health care of children in underdeveloped countries. At least every five years, we start a new project with the help of internal and external donations, while we continue to support the previous project. All donations are used directly for the project and are not used for administrative costs.

The Foundation

The TRANSEARCH ChildFund Foundation was founded in 2006 by TRANSEARCH Germany GmbH. Its mission is to sustainably improve the education and living conditions of children in economically underdeveloped countries. The foundation uses its revenue from capital on top of all allowances intended for the direct use exclusive for the grant of assistance, protection, support and enlightenment for the children in emergency situations.

The foundations’ first project was building a new school in Dai, Vietnam, 100 km far from Hanoi. Today, almost 100 pupils and 13 teachers have a good basis for a common learning success and the school has gone beyond the actual purpose and has become a community center for both young and old. Parallel to this project the TRANSEARCH ChildFund Foundation started another project in Zambia, in the district of Chibombo. Since project initiation two new school buildings, attractive teachers’ flats, now with solar panels to generate electricity and the new sanitary facilities were completed. In addition, the Care-for-Kids Foundation sponsored the building of a water supply system.

Our partner: ChildFund Germany e.V.

ChildFund Germany is based in Nürtingen since 1978. Through its more than 60,000 donors and sponsors ChildFund Germany promotes children - family support and development projects in more than 30 countries. ChildFund Germany is an independent member of the global ChildFund Alliance. Since several years ChildFund Germany has been working together with many other foundations among them the TRANSEARCH ChildFund Foundation. The global ChildFund Alliance ensures the selection of aid projects, the cooperation with communities and local governments to ensure the control and correct distribution of funds on location. At the center are needy children in economically less developed countries - regardless of gender, nationality or religion. The main objective of our work is to ensure a comprehensive primary health care in the areas of nutrition, health and education and to help young people to a lasting independence.