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Dear Friends of our TRANSEARCH ChildFund foundation,

You have been helping us support our second building project in Zambia. This Project involves the construction and redevelopment of the Namununga School in the District of Chibombo with over 750 pupils. The TRANSEARCH Child Fund Foundation is aiming at improving the learning environment in order to enable them a better start in the future and increase the number of children accessing quality education from 639 to 1.200 by 2014.

In order to achieve our goal it is very important to provide more learning space for the pupils. At the beginning of our project, the classrooms were in a desolate state with no furniture and overcrowded. Furthermore, the shortage of qualified teachers who were willing to bind themselves to such rural regions worsened the situation and for this reason, it was necessary to build and offer them attractive accommodation.

Ulrich F. Ackermann was in Zambia in January this year to monitor the progress that has been made. Since the project initiation in 2010 two new classroom buildings with six classrooms each, attractive teacher flats with eight units each and sanitary facilities have been built. Tables and chairs for both pupils and teachers were bought to better the learning conditions.



Mr. Ackermann was impressed about how much dedication and commitment the parents, teachers and the community showed in the realisation of this project. The Parent Teacher Association has contributed a great deal to the construction process.

The school should become a central meeting place or a community center for both children and parents from around the rural area. Therefore, additional water supply facilities are required and a solarsystem for the generation of electricity. To improve the well being of the children the sports grounds were rehabilitated and a school garden was established.

We sincerely thank all donors for their generous support and for the future donations!