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Dear Friends of our TRANSEARCH ChildFund Foundation,

The TRANSEARCH ChildFund Foundation has been supporting the physical and mental welfare of children in Vietnam and Zambia since in 2006.

Our first project was the construction of a school in Dai, Vietnam. The school has become a community meeting point for both young and old. Today almost 100 children and 13 teachers have the opportunity to learn in new classrooms and implement the Child Friendly Teaching Method. This method strives to create an environment conducive to the increased participation of children in school and improved classroom performance.

Our success in Vietnam inspired us to start a second project in 2010. It involved the construction and expansion of the Namununga Middle School in the Chibombo District in Zambia.

This project was characterized by overcrowded classrooms, dilapidated school buildings, poor sanitation and a lack of equipment and teaching materials. The urgent need for support helped the committee in the project selection process.

The course of the project has been extremely successful. In 2011, the first new school building with three rooms and two classrooms was completed.

Attractive teacher flats were built and equipped with solar power. This is to ensure that qualified teachers are increasingly gained for this rural region. New sanitary facilities were built and the new classrooms have been equipped with new desks and chairs, to improve the learning environment of pupils.

Also, the sanitary situation improved immensely through the construction of toilets.

In the last year we achieved another important objective of the project: the completion of the solar-powered water supply and water distribution by a 5000 liter tank and a water pump. Since then, water can be collected at five locations on the school grounds.

The developments in the last quarter were:

  • The children now have access to clean drinking water. As a result, the sanitary conditions of the school have improved greatly leading to enhanced hygienic practices among the pupils.

  • A new classroom block will be completed end of May 2013. The block once completed will create space for 300 pupils. This will increase the enrolment levels at the school up to 1,144 pupils and will enable smaller manageable learning groups
  • Two teachers have undergone the Child Centered Teaching Methodologies training and have come up with an action plan to implement the different techniques that they were trained in, as well as cascading the trainings to the other teachers.
  • After the training, teachers have learned how to work with children in different groups according to their abilities. Class participation has also increased.
  • The School Go Green Club activities that were undertaken included, watering the orchard, cleaning the orchard surrounding and awareness raising on the effects of deforestation.

  • School Orchard: By facilitating irrigation and better care by pupils the first plants have started to bear some fruit (oranges and lemons).
  • The orchard was fenced by pupils and their parents. Community participation enhanced community ownership of the project activities.
  • Anti-Aids Club Meetings: During the meetings which were facilitated by the club’s patron and matron, pupils discussed about overcoming peer pressure, identifying risky behaviours and places, the benefits of abstinence and life skills education. This is a big achievement as it is taboo in Africa for a child to talk about sexual issues with their parents/guardians.
  • Inter - Grade Debates: This will enable the pupils to make informed decisions and to have confidence to say no to things that are not right. It is anticipated, that through the debates, the pupils will improve their research, fluency in English and speaking skills.
  • Child Assembly Meetings: Children are now able to air their views and present them to the school administration which improves their self confidence because they know that their suggestions will be effectively implemented.
  • Ever since balls and jerseys have been provided, the school team has been doing extremely well. In the last zonal competitions, Namununga got 1st, 2nd and 3rd positions in netball, football and volleyball respectively. A total number of 120 pupils actively participated in the competitions.

We are very grateful to companies who are willing to take on cooperate social responsibility. The donation of the balls and sports shoes from the largest sportswear manufacturer in Germany, initiated by Ulrich F. Ackermann also boost the performance of the children in sporting activities. An international logistic courier delivery services company sponsored the transport costs from Herzogenaurach to Lusaka/Zambia.

At the beginning of this year Mr. Ulrich F. Ackerman and his wife Petra were in Zambia to monitor the progress of the activities at the school. Activities planned for the next Quarter: further structural measures, deepening and streghnthening of the new teaching method and the establishment and development of the student clubs are amongst goals to be achieved.

We would like to thank all the donors and look forward to your continued support! Your TRANSEARCH ChildFund Foundation! For more

Your TRANSEARCH ChildFund Foundation!