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Dear Friends of our TRANSEARCH ChildFund foundation,

TRANSEARCH ChildFund Foundation was founded by TRANSEARCH International Germany GmbH in 2006. It's mission is to sustainably improve the education and living conditions of children in economically underdeveloped countries.

1. Vietnam Project (2006 – at present)

Vietnam, with its more than 87 million inhabitants, has a three-tier education system. Unfortunately, as a result of economic reforms, government spending on education has been reduced. This led problems mainly in primary education. Many children leave school early or they do not even attend. The literacy rate is about 90% and discrimination against girls is still present. That is why women are particularly affected by poverty.

The first project of the TRANSEARCH ChildFund Foundation, which was the construction of a school in Dai (Vietnam), 110 km from Hanoi, with almost 100 children and 13 teachers has developed to a genuine meeting place for both young and old.

In addition to the construction of the new school building, five new teachers’ jobs were created. After the inauguration in 2008, the school now has three modern classrooms and has access to electricity and running water.

Ulrich F. Ackermann and Petra Ackermann at the opening ceremony 2008

The sanitary facilities are now up to date and educational concepts appropriate for children were implemented in the second project phase In 2009 TRANSEARCH ChildFund Foundation provided the school in Dai with new wonderful playground equipment. The foundation will continue to support the school with reading and learning material.

In the school year 2010/2011, 37 out of 82 pupils of Dai school had excellent test results. Three of them were awarded prices in the provincial competition and one won in the student district competition.

During his visit in October 2012, Herr Ackermann was impressed by the good condition of the school buildings and facilities. The district administrator supports the project and escorted the visitor from Germany.

During the visit, the pupils received fashionable sports jackets, which were donated by one of our generous sponsors.

2. Zambia Project (2010 – present)

Zambia is located in southern Africa and is surrounded by the neighboring countries, Angola, Zimbabwe, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Botswana. The country became independent in 1964 and was given the name "Zambia". Zambia has a population of 14.3 million and 1.5 million people live the country's capital, Lusaka. The average life expectancy rate is now 52 years and 46 percent of Zambia's population is children aged 0 to 14 years. Only 7 percent of the land area is arable (in Germany it is 33 percent). A major problem for the food supply is the recurrent drought.

The TRANSEARCH ChildFund Foundation chose 2010 for a mammoth project in Zambia and has since been supporting the Namununga Middle School. The project volume is $ 500,000 (about € 400,000) over the next 4 to 5 years. At the beginning of our project, the classrooms were overcrowded, without furniture and in a rather dilapidated state. The pupils sat on the floor.

Old classroom building and Old classroom

There was a lack of equipment and teaching materials. For all 639 students there were only 50 desks available. Only two desolate toilets with no roof and floor existed. The decision to renew 90 percent of the building stock was influenced by the critical health conditions and the negative impact on these had on the learning environment.

New school building

Another problem was to keep qualified teachers in a rural area. For this purpose it was necessary to provide attractive teacher accommodation.

Construction of teacher accommodation

In 2011, the first school building with three bedrooms and two teacher classrooms was completed. Ulrich F. Ackermann was in Zambia in January 2012 to inform himself about the project's progress. Since the start of the project, two new buildings with 6 classrooms, attractive teachers’ flats with 8 units, now with solar panels to generate electricity and the new sanitary facilities are completed. The completion of the 1 x 2 classroom block under CFS increased the Enrollment level from 782 pupils in 2011 to 900 pupils in 2012. They were equipped with 70 desks for the 8th Class with a total of 70 pupils (32 girls, 38 boys) which opened up entirely new - the only one in the area! The pupils come from all surrounding villages and the demand has increased.

The developments in the last quarter were:

  • Construction of 2 X 3 Ventilated Improved Pit latrines (VIPs) for boys and girls
  • The School Go Green Club continued was established with the support of the Geography teacher. A total number of 36 children are involved and it is anticipated that the club will continue raising awareness to fellow pupils that will enhance environmental friendly behaviours among the pupils
  • Football and netball jerseys were purchased to cater for the full team plus the substitutes. This has motivated the pupils during their sporting activities with other schools.
  • In order to promote extracurricular activities at the school, football, netball, and volleyball competitions were conducted at the school during the quarter under review. A total number of 300pupils actively participated in the competitions. During these two competitions, members of the Anti–AIDS Club did an awareness activity by giving a health talk to fellow pupils on the importance of abstinence as a sure prevention to new HIV infections among the pupils. A debate club was established and it is anticipated that the debates will enhance confidence among pupils and promote research among pupils.

Teachers and Pupils of the Namununga School

  • Building materials have been bought in readiness for the commencement of the construction works. It is anticipated that upon the completion of the 1 x 3 Classroom block, enrolment level at the school will increase from the current 900 to 1200 pupils.
  • A total of 30 teachers from the region attended a five-day training on Child Centered Teaching Methods.
  • The school garden wire fence was mounted with support from teachers and pupils.
  • In order to increase access to safe and clean water at the school, the project installed a water reticulation system with a 5000 Litre Tank at the school; there were five taps that were fixed.

solar-operated water reticulation system

The solar panels were also installed on the teachers’ flats. The teachers have not yet shifted to the flats because of minor problems discovered at the inspection

Teachers’ Flats (Before / After)

We are very proud to announce was a successful reduction in absenteeism among the pupils from 60% to 25%.

We would like to thank all the donors and look forward to your continued support!

Your TRANSEARCH Kinderhilfestiftung