ChildFund Germany e.V.
For over 30 years ChildFund Germany engages in more than 30 countries with donors and godparents for about 80,000 children and families. ChildFund Germany carries out a further project in Zambia, in district Chibombo. ChildFund Germany renders help to others focusing the needy children located in underdeveloped countries - regardless of sex, nationality or religion.


www.care-for-kids.org - Foundation of the M + W group and their employees.


  • TRANSEARCH supports the mental and physical development, school and professional training as well as the health supply for children in underdeveloped countries.
  • Approximately every three years we start a new project, collect internal and external donations, at the same time supporting the earlier projects further.
  • The most important goal of our work is to secure a comprehensive basic care within the ranges nutrition, health and education helping young people to a permanent self-sufficiency.