Kinder in Sambia

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TRANSEARCH ChildFund Foundation was founded by TRANSEARCH International Germa-ny GmbH in 2006. The foundation´s goal is improving educational systems and living condi-tions for children in economically underdeveloped countries. Our partner ChildFund supports all of our projects. The first project was a new school building in Dai, Vietnam, 100 km far from Hanoi. Today 80 pupils and 10 teachers have a good basis for a common learning suc-cess.

Schule in SambiaIn 2010 the second project started which dedicates itself to the construction of a new school building in Namununga in Zambia. The scope of the Zambia project is much different than the one in Dai. At the start of the project we found a lack of teaching, a poor learning environment and dismal hygienic conditions for pupils and teachers. Furthermore overcrowded class rooms, dilapidated school buildings, inefficient school furniture as well as nonexistent learning and teaching material make it all but impossible for the children to achieve any learning. We anticipate that over four years the cost of the project will be about €350 000.

We estimate that 1200 children are currently being denied the basic right of education and the joy of learning – severely limiting their future prospects. As mentioned we face huge obstacles in this project and providing a basic motivating learning environment is just one component of the project - i.e. construction of a power and water supply and sanitary facilities. The TRANSEARCH ChildFund Foundation will also provide sufficient school furniture, procure learning and teaching material, reconstruct the sports ground, the construction of the school’s garden as well as building and equipping the chemical laboratory.

New apartments for teachers and their families will be built to attract new teachers for the school. Last but not least the project´s aim is to strengthen the health education by aiding on-site Aids-awareness campaigns.

During a visit to Zambia in January 2011 the board of directors saw how crucial your donations are – even the smaller ones. You can already see first results: In spring 2011 the pupils and teachers were assigned a first school building with two class rooms, three functional rooms and 3x2 sanitary arrangements.


Mr. Singola, Teacher:
"We, the instructors of the Namununga Middle Basic School, are enormously happy that our school will receive a building with three classrooms by German support. In the same way it makes us also happy that two personnel houses and six toilets are reconditioned and improved. Thus, the children will have sufficient place for learning, the better toilets provide for more hygienic conditions both with teachers and with pupils preventing diarrhea illnesses in the school."

Xavier Chombela, Pupil from 6th Class:
"For us, this project is a relief because we don't have to work anymore in the few overcrowded classrooms. Consequently the number of lessons in a beautiful classroom will increase.""

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