Kinder in Vietnam

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Vietnam has a population of 87 million and provides a three stage education system. Due to economic reforms national expenditures for education were shortened. This led particularly to problems in the basic public education in the country. Many children leave the school prematurely or do not visit them at all. Even though the literacy rate is above 90%, girls in the training system are still discouraged. Therefore girls are mostly affected by poverty.

PROJECT 1:  Primary school in Vietnam

Over 80 children from Dai should be able to have the opportunity to visit a good and primarily child friendly primary school. For that, a new school building was necessary in Dai. Moreover vacancies for five teachers were also created. After the launch of the school in 2008, the school has three modern classrooms and facilities with electricity and water. The school is also equipped with proper sanitation.

In the 2nd phase, the teachers were trained to offer fair and above all child friendly art of teaching. In 2009, TRANSEARCH ChildFund Foundation equipped the school in Dai additionally with devices for a beautiful playground.


Mrs. Pham Thi Xuan, directress of the primary school in Dai::
"Our heartfelt thanks to the donors, who made it possible to build this beautiful school! Now it is possible to give full day lessons for our pupils. Considering children as priority, we are going to adapt new child friendly learning methods."

Hoa Thi Bui, Pupil:
"Our old school was dirty; it had neither playground nor toilets. There was no clean water, only water from the river. The new classrooms are really beautiful and clean, the schoolyard has trees and a fence. I like my new school, because it is provided with water and toilets and beautiful as well."

Villager/Pupils´ Mother:
"My first child is in the 5th class and the younger in the 1st class. My husband and I helped in building the foundation of the school and in making the playground. When we were as old as our children are now, we did not have such a beautiful school. I remember the straw-covered classroom without chairs and tables. Our children are extremely happy now!"