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With the establishment of our foundation in 2006, we fulfilled a long-cherished dream. Our goal is to create better developmental and sustainable living conditions for children in underdeveloped countries. To this end, we invest in school education and healthy living conditions, and we promote sustainability by helping people to help themselves. I personally guarantee that 100% of the donations received, go to the projects we have selected. The children, their parents and the teachers are very grateful for every single donation.

Yours sincerely,
Ulrich F. Ackermann
Chairman of the Board

Emergency aid for people in need in Ukraine

Aid projects for children and young people in Ukraine

Together with our partner, the <strong>ChildFund Deutschland e.V.</strong>, we would like to help children and their families in Ukraine quickly and unbureaucratically. ChildFund has already been involved in Ukraine for many years, both with sponsorships and with direct help, in a total of twelve different facilities. With the beginning of the war, the Ukraine aid was intensified once again.

With your donation you support the work of ChildFund and its Ukrainian NGO partners in the war zone and show your solidarity for the children and their families from Ukraine. ChildFund Germany bears the donation seal of the German Central Institute for Social Issues (DZI) for its responsible handling of donations and its eligibility for funding.

Our current school project in Zambia

Donate for children in Africa and poor countries

Another cornerstone for education

In the next five to seven years, we would like to implement another large project in the cotton-growing area of Katete in Zambia.

As with our most recently implemented project in Zambia, the focus is not only on education, but also on infrastructure and healthcare for the community.

To successfully implement this project, we are dependent on further financial aid. We need your help and support!

Our foundation is committed to serving the following regions

Zambia School Construction and Development Aid


In Zambia, we have already established an extensive school and social building complex for around 1,200 pupils and over 20 teachers, including a clinic with flats for medical staff, a “corner shop” and a grain mill.

Our current project is the construction of another school complex in Zambia. We need your help and support with this project!

Building schools in Asia and Africa


In the north of Vietnam, we built a school for 120 children within three years, which also includes ablution facilities, sports grounds, and playgrounds as well as a library. It was also essential for us to provide running water and electricity to this facility.

We are very happy about the number of pupils who have already benefited from our activities in Vietnam, support for this school is ongoing.

Donate for children in Africa and poor countries

We need YOUR support!

Help that reaches 100% of the children & their families

About two thirds of our donations come from TRANSEARCH Germany, our staff and our offices worldwide, and the remaining third comes from external donors.

All administrative costs are borne by TRANSEARCH Germany. This means that 100% of every single Euro donated, reaches the respective project, the affected children and their families.

We count on your ongoing generosity and donations, so please continue to offer your support.

For every donation you make, you will receive a tax-deductible donation receipt, and our foundation is recognised as a non-profit organization by the tax office in Nürtingen (No. 74091/04037).

Kinder Help for children in Africa that arrives

Lay the next brick with us …

… through your donation

Donations for children's education in Africa

We are grateful for YOUR DONATION


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