Ukraine Aid

Emergency aid for children and families in need

Images of Russian bombing of Ukrainian cities, villages and vital infrastructure are going around the world. Millions of people are on the run. They have only the bare necessities with them. Not only do they lack food, water, medicine and money – they also have to leave their homes behind. What can we do to help them?

At the beginning of the war, our partner, ChildFund Germany, established a working group that is in close and regular contact with local partner organizations. Through this established network, even in the current dangerous situation, people in Ukraine are helped directly and unbureaucratically. With your donation you enable further concrete emergency aid.

Aid projects for children and young people in Ukraine

With your donation you support the following projects in Ukraine

Humanitarian aid

Assist in the procurement and distribution of food, essential medications and other basic needs.

Support for victims of war

Helping victims of war, especially children and families who are internally displaced or have lost their homes, by creating safe havens for them.

Psychosocial programs

In the south of western Ukraine, a network of currently 100 teachers is creating online classes to accompany children and young people in this extreme situation and give them a perspective.

This – and much more – has already been implemented

  • Numerous children were provided with food in children’s homes in Lviv and Ivano-Frankivsk in western Ukraine.
  • The city of Mykolayiv in southern Ukraine was provided with baby food and diapers. About 400,000 inhabitants live here.
  • ChildFund contributed to the cost of a vehicle and fuel used by two local humanitarian aid organizations in Kiev.
  • Food and medicine for 330 children in the eastern Ukrainian city of Lyssychansk could be procured and distributed. Currently, the children – mainly from foster families, boarding schools, as well as children with disabilities – are housed in the school basement as well as in the hospital’s bomb shelter.
  • Supporting the establishment of a psychosocial assistance program for children in Ivano-Frankivsk.
  • Establishment of a network for children in the Severodonetsk district in eastern Ukraine: from now on, warm meals will be prepared here for children sheltering in the air-raid shelter of a vocational school.
  • Support for the establishment of shelters for 100 families in Izmail in the southwestern region of Odessa; for this, our partner ChildFund is working with the University of Izmail.
  • Supporting Ukrainian partner NGOs in the Lviv region of western Ukraine to evacuate children from children’s homes and boarding schools, to the countryside or neighboring countries.
  • Financial assistance for the purchase of medicines for children in Lviv.
  • And many other projects more.

Every donation helps!

We will be happy to answer all your questions about our previous and current projects and look forward to talking to you personally or contacting you by e-mail.

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Information on non-profit status

The foundation is recognized as non-profit by the Nürtingen tax office: No. 74091/04037 with date: 09/01/2021.

With your donation you support the work of ChildFund and its Ukrainian NGO partners in the war zone and show your solidarity for the children and their families from Ukraine. ChildFund Germany bears the donation seal of the German Central Institute for Social Issues (DZI) for responsible handling of donations and eligibility.


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